Asst-IGP Shafqat Malik
Director, Police School of Explosive Handling
Asst-IGP Shafqat Malik is ATO and armament qualified officer, has vast experience of 30 years while serving in pak army, Fia and Kp police. He is notified explosives, balistic and forensic expert. He raised state of the art BD unit for Kp Police which is role model for the country. Under his command, BD unit has defused more than six thousand IEDs. Most of the IEDs were defused directly by him which also include sucide bombers, explosive laden vehicles and trucks. He carried out post blast investigation of more than 4000 cases and also assisted the ATC courts by rendering legal opinions. He was instrumental in writing the first counter IED strategy for Pakistan. He has also written a book on explosives and post blast investigation. He is a qualified expert certified by the FBI, Scotland Yard, Australian Federal Police. He has the honour to impart training of ATC judges while delivering lectures in Federal Judicial Academy. His expertise is recognised internationaly and is invited in international forums like Scotland yard, Australian Federal Police, FBI as a guest speaker. He is also the first director of Explosive Handling School. .